Of patients receiving nbUVB for psoriasis, 91% achieved a clear/near clear response after an average of 30 treatments.

The analysis included 31 elderly patients who received a total of 739 individual phototherapy treatments. Treatment was narrowband ultraviolet B (nbUVB) in 88% of cases and psoralen combined with ultraviolet A (PUVA) in 12%.

Psoriasis was the reason for referral for phototherapy in 51% of cases, followed by eczema in 11% and nodular prurigo in 11%. Other dermatoses that led to a referral included Grover disease, polymorphic light eruption, granuloma annulare, scleromyxedema and erthroderma.

The acute adverse event rate was 1.89%. There were 13 episodes of mild erythema and one episode of moderate erythema. All erythema episodes occurred in patients receiving nbUVB.

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