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(Health Centre) - Vitamin D deficiency affects approximately 60 percent of the northern population. As you know already, a lack of vitamin D supply reinforce the broadest range of illnesses or even trigger. According to recent studies, a vitamin D deficiency affects very negatively diabetic neuropathic out - a nervous disorder on arms and legs. Now the question is asked whether the "sun hormone" will play in the future an important role in the prevention and treatment of polyneuropathy and may the usual strong painkillers to outdo.

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20 Oct 2015 07:55:55 By Andrea Lumley-Kelly Vitamin D: protection against polyneuropathy, Vitamin D News

A new research paper examines the role of vitamin D in reducing the risk of lung cancer, in particular, among patients with vitamin D deficiency. The meta-analysis of ten short-listed studies revealed a significant 5% reduction in the risk of lung cancer associated with each 10 nmol/L increase of vitamin D intake. The paper has been published in the Journal of Cancer Causes & Control and is part of DSM’s ongoing advocacy of the importance of vitamin D in maintaining adequate health and preventing conditions associated with its deficiency.

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26 Sep 2015 19:06:15 By Jonathan Lumley-Kelly Vitamin D, lung cancer, Vitamin D News

Does a lack of vitamin D put you at greater risk of multiple sclerosis?

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26 Sep 2015 18:51:32 By Jonathan Lumley-Kelly vitamin D, multiple sclerosis, Vitamin D News

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered a previously unknown link between vitamin D and depression in overweight women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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11 Apr 2015 17:39:15 By Jonathan Lumley-Kelly Vitamin D News
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